Daniel Kale - he/him
Editor & Co-Founder

“Thank you for surviving.”
Originally from Nashville, TN, Daniel Kale is a multi-medium creative with roots in music performance and dance arts. When he’s not working on the mag or meditating, he loves to study foreign languages, visual art and fashion. He enjoys connecting his art with his spirituality - and works to share his light, warmth, and love with people every day.

instagram: @lightgazings

Sofia DiMartino— she/they
Editor & Co-Founder 

Sofia DiMartino is a visual artist and Philly transplant. She values community, transparency, and authenticity and hopes to continue to uplift these values through both her personal and collaborative works. You’ll often find her talking about the color red.

instagram: @fantomfoe , @wredwrks





Lois Cheaye is a first generation Liberian in America with ambitions of connecting people in the shared human experience across cultures and communities. With a double major at Temple University in Communication Studies and Global Cultures, she’s dedicated to preserving safe spaces for those who need it. She loves writing, blaming her Saggitarius moon, and dancing like no one’s watching.


SIGOURNEY—she/her Lighting+Photography

Sigourney Young has focused the last 5 years revealing through her pictures and her editing the essence and character of people’s lives. She uses photography as a way to break through stereotypes and reveal the inner nature of her subjects. She endeavors to treat each portrait session as a transforming experience for the individual as a path to self discovery.

Currently a student at Jefferson University majoring in Business and Fashion Merchandising, Sigourney loves to spend her free time visiting art museums around Philadelphia and exploring new cuisines in the kitchen.


RICHELLE— she/they Lighting+Photography

Richelle Kota (she/they) is the Lead Teaching Assistant for the Teen Photo program at Philadelphia Photo Arts Center. She is also an immigrant, writer, nature enthusiast, and recent graduate living in Philadelphia. In 2017 she released her first self-published work, Where There Were Roses: A Memoir Through Poems. Her work has been published by Calyx Press, Yes Poetry, Peach Mag, Breadcrumbs Mag, Cordella, Visual Verse, and Recenter Press. She aspires to live a very simple life on a farm with many pigs, goats, and dogs.

You can follow her on Instagram @tiniestdad and visit her website at


Sabrina— she/her

Lighting + Photography

Sabrina Pantal is a person who prioritizes the joy of creation in all forms. She explores with many different facets of art and uses them as an outlet for love and expression. She has been an artist and a musician for the majority of her life, but in the last couple of years decided to expand her energy to include film photography as well. As a black queer, she plans to use these opportunities to create more safe spaces for authentic inspiration in her community.

Photo credit: Shanel Edwards @shaneledwardsart


CB— they/she Lighting+Photography

CB is an artist / chef in Philadelphia currently invested in creating community through shared meals. They enjoy collaborating with other artists, musicians, farmers, foragers, herbalists, etc. to create dynamic events and culinary concepts. When they aren’t cooking at Musi in South Philly, CB enjoys shooting portraits, live music, raiding their friend’s fridges and working through an endless booklist.

@caitlinbias @cbiasphoto


ELIJAH—he/him Video+Photography

Elijah Matoushek is a videographer, musician, and poet out of Philadelphia. In 2017 he received his bachelors in Media studies and production from Temple University.